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Surprise Blessings

Surprise Blessings: Submissions from the Family
Be Joyful! We Are Expanding Light!
A New Decree by Marcia and her Higher Team

Photo Credit:  Unknown
Be joyful We are expanding Light !!!!!!!  
Smile, Breath, Pillars, Invites, many...they want to see us fly!!  
Thank you Mother and Father and mother Earth ~ I Love You!!!

We call upon all benevolent forces of Light,
To join with us as we invoke
Peace, Harmony, Unity, Cooperation and Miracles
For our beautiful Planet Earth, 
All of Humanity upon and within Earth,
And all the Kingdoms both known and unknown
Who work unceasingly on behalf of the restoration 
Of the Divine Plan as Inteded by God.
We set this intention on behalf of and for 
The Highest Good and the Highest outcome for All.

Let Peace manifest on Earth ( x3)
Let Love and Light manifest on Earth (x3)
Let freedom manifest on Earth (x3)
Let Abundance and Properity manifest on Earth (x3)

Thank you Father and Mother for we are precipitating and manifesting the New Earth with your Loving Light!!  
Thank you everyone, it is Done!!  And it's forever!! 
You Blessings are felt every day!  Thanks!

Love, Joy and Surprise Blessings from Marcia & her Higher Team
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"Final Peace"

"Final Peace" - Intel SITREP
Anonymous Intel SITREP
Thursday - 11:11:00 - 2.25.16
Gradual events over the past days, weeks, months, years and decades have lead up to this day.
The "final peace" of the puzzle will be put in place today between 6-8AM CST.  
(Sunrise in Beijing is 6:45PM or anytime between 5-7PM EST).  As all macro RV matters must be completed prior to the G20 Meetings beginning on March 1 per Galactic counsel. This includes redeeming the bulk of private groups via off site bank location centers which begins with public 800 appointment numbers being released. Everything has long been made ready at the 5,500 redemption locations and call centers. All bank branches will be brought on-line after the G20 meetings.
Yesterday's scheduled 6-8pm EST release was shut down due to severe weather conditions engulfing the entire midwest and east coast regions (40% of the US population was going to be negatively effected, as well as 30% of Canada (Ontario). So the PTB deferred the RV kick off to Thursday PM.
Be advised that this sudden weather pattern was artificially created by the Dark Nobility/Rothschild's as yet another delay to keep the RV from happening prior to the G20 meetings back wall.  Also, know that their last second "performance ping pull back" created a similar delay to disrupt RV/G20 timing.

Galactic negotiators calmly laid out new terms, and it went something like this:  "Either complete the agreement you have already made or lose all your central banks, as well as activate the removal of your bloodline from the face of the earth."  So in a moment of inspired enlightenment, the long-time dark nobles/cabal bankers signed off and allowed humanity forward."  Oh, thank you merciful dark ones.  The Light will take it from here thank you very much

Remember, either everyone or no one moves forward.  God or not God...all must decide to follow the mandate of Heaven or be excused from existence...this is to be done by free will per Universal exceptions, even for the darkest of dark hats.

It's well known inside government/intelligence circles that there are many other discussions and announcements to be had/made during the G20 meetings that go far beyond the scope of a global financial reset.

Extra terrestrial disclosure will be a major topic of discussion:  who, what, where, when and why will all be addressed (i.e. mass consciousness introduction).  Also land mass is to be reset or remapped such as ancient Babylong, plus the old Ottoman and Khazarian Empires.  Both boundaries and governments will be returned to a harmonious frequency, which will greatly affect Israel, Palestine, Lebanon, Jordan, Syria, Turkey, Ukraine, Armenia, Iraq, Iran Yemen, Oman and Saudi Arabia.

NESARA will also be a big topic of discussion for world leaders.  Exactly how to inform the mass populous of this new debt free and abundant resource reality.  New technology release responsibilities, including science communication, manufacturing and press events, will also be handed out to different nations and leaders.  Historical disclosures will also be handed to different nations and leaders, as it's now time to find out what really happened on Pearl Harbor, 9/11, Usa, Inc., New Republic, Crown Temple Bar Association, the IRS, Homland Security and Patriot Act Fraud, Area 51, Genetic Alteration, Cloning, Black Military, Secret Space Program, Middle East Peace, The Vatican, dark energy portals such as Syria, Haiti, etc...

The truth is all going to come out after the other, after the other, after the other...and this is why the cabal fought so hard from allowing any piece of this massive truth puzzle to be put into they will ALL be fully exposed as humanity's enslavers...many who you have placed your absolute faith and trust in across a variety of cultural industries...hence why they earned the name "cabal" which literally means secret clique or faction.

Galactic advisers will be present, just as they have always been...and obviously now a little more accessible and open to all.  Remember, the universal tether of bondage has been anything that serves humanity's greatest good may now come into the light of day and on-line.  Expect many positivie changes rather rapidly now.

And for those skeptics reading this, please table your disbelief till after you redemption appointment.  As once you experience the full weight of the blessing bestowed on you/humanity via finance, you'll perhaps open your horizons to other macro changes planned and forthcoming in the coming days, weeks, months, years and decades.

As for currency rates, they're escalating by the hour.  Know that all participating banks must redeem all submitted it may be wise to look at this redemption experience as if you were walking up on a dinner buffet with the best tasting food on the planet...and while you initially want to eat everything because you're ravenously hungry (short-term), you know that eating too much will pain your body (long-term),

So maybe look at achieving a specific goal per se, one that creates optimal balance in your life versus getting the highest possible number or interest rate.  That said by all means put enough on your plate so that when you leave your appointment you feel full/content...and make sure you get a take home doggie bag for future generation :)

It should now be obvious to all paying attention that humanity and Earth (Urantia) are coming out of financial, physical, spiritual and energetic bondage/bankruptcy together and this is what the Galactics referred to years ago as "the hard way" versus slowly integrating each phase of the great transition over a much longer period of time, known as "the easy way."  So be it.

FYI:  Tetelestai translated from Latin means, "It is finished," was written on debt bills to show payment.  This is where we get the modern term "paid in full."

So enjoy your blessing.  Go slow.  And remember, attaining divine consciousness is always more valuable than attaining digital credits...because what is truly occuring today and everyday thereafter is part of a continuous, larger spiritual transition versus just a singular, unprecedented banking transaction.

Aloha Ke
Akua (God is Love in Hawaiian or ancient Lemurian)

* Oh yeah, the truth abot two flood submerged continents, Atlantic (Atlantic Ocean) and Lemuria (Pacific Ocean) will be coming out as well :)
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Total Energy Clearing Decree

  Total Energy Clearing Decree


This process is best done when you are lying down at night, just before you go to sleep. You may do it in bed if you wish. The more often you can do this process, even nightly, the better. 

Before beginning, dedicate yourself to the Light: “I Decree I Am dedicating myself to the Light now.”

Next, “I Am asking for and invoking the presence and assistance of Archangel Michael and the Light Force, the Powers of Light, the Lords of Light, the Legions of Light, the Warriors of Light, the Lords of Karma, the Lords of Grace, the Lords of Protection, and the Divine Director on behalf of __(your name)__ now.”

“I am asking you to clear, heal, align, open, activate, synchronize, fill with Light, repair, and reconnect for_ (your name) __ entire Tube of Light and Crystal Shaft, and all the chakras, chakra complexes, channels, connections, and templates through all levels and all systems.”

(Wait until the energy reaches the feet before going on.)

“I am asking you to clear, heal, align, open, activate, synchronize, fill with Light, repair, and reconnect the grounding cord of __(your name) __ on all levels to the Center of the Earth and beyond, including all planetary structures, grid structures, and connections, and all the chakras, chakra complexes, channels, connections, and templates through all levels and all systems.”

(Wait until the energy reaches the feet before going on. Wait after each step.)

 Get the whole writings @

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Food prepping for the Lazy, Late and cheap

Here is an idea that may add some flavor to your food storage.  I know it is it is a processed food but most of us have been eating them for many years of our life and if you are reading this your still alive. If you are planning on canned food there are some problems with the manufacturers that do not have shelf stable canning methods.  Make sure you see the last video it is serious. All the videos are short

Food Prep for the Lazy, Late & Cheap Part Ten: DIY Meal ...

Food Prep for the Lazy, Late & Cheap Part Ten: DIY Meal ...

  2. 15:51

    Food Prep for the Lazy, Late and Cheap Part Three: $20, 72-hour Food Kit (Reposted)

    5 years ago
  3. 13:11

    Food Prep for the Lazy, Late and Cheap Part Four: $20 Food Kit Explained

    5 years ago
  4. 4 years ago

  5. 4 years ago
  6. 10:18

    Food Prep for the Lazy, Late & Cheap Part 11: Stupid Hurts, Ignorance Kills

    4 years ago
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Does anyone have been seeing spiral figures while in a half awake state?

The spiral can be either single, double, tripple or quadrupele.

These spiral can be found as ornements in a lot of  architecture design of building.

The spiral were an intricate part of the Celtic architectures.

Since we know that the Celtic culture originate from Atlantis, we can deduce that spirals must have been use. But what for?

Well maybe this video may shed some light.

Let me know if this rings a bell in any of you.

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Directed by Robyn Symon (2006)

“Nothing is stronger than an idea whose time has come” – Victor Hugo

Werner Erhard’s reputation also took a hit in 1991 with an “expose” on “60 Minutes” in which associates and family members accused him of unsavory acts, all of which were later denied and subsequently recanted by the accusers. Werner, however, left the U.S. shortly thereafter, claiming on a Larry King broadcast that he was being targeted by Scientology.

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Cascadia Subduction Zone, Update: 2/16/2016 5:05pm.

Science in action:
10958066695?profile=originalPacific NW time stamp was 11:38 Am. Most activity already taking place now. Solar wind speeds have increased to 
nearly 600km/s
Got banned for posting the content. Pretty rude:
10958067272?profile=originalSo Here I am demonstrating the science to the public and I am getting canned. 

West coasters stay safe. 

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I Accept You as You Are

I Accept You as You Are


By Wes Annac, Culture of Awareness

I’m not bothered by who you are, where you come from, what you believe or even if you agree with the things I say.

I don’t care if you’re a Christian, Hindu, Muslim, Buddhist, Atheist, or if you’re waiting for the flying saucers. I don’t care if you consider yourself liberal or conservative, and as long as you don’t hurt others, I don’t care how you live.

I have no interest in judging you for being different from me, and hopefully, you have no interest in judging me. I’d rather find common ground, and it won’t bother me if your opinion is different from mine. Hopefully, it wouldn’t bother you either.

I just want to work together to improve the world. I just want to see people lay down their grudges, however deeply rooted, and accept that the differences between them and the people they hate are meaningless.

We’re all thinking, breathing, opinionated humans who share the same planet and the same life experience, and if we can’t respect each other for this, we can’t expect to do anything but run this planet into the ground.

If we can’t see that we’re all in this together, we have no hope for saving ourselves or our polluted planet. We’ll only make things worse if we continue to fight and bicker, but everything will change the moment we start to work with each other.

Because of this, I won’t judge how you live. I won’t give in to the temptation to gossip about you when you aren’t around, and I won’t treat you differently than I’d treat someone who shares my beliefs or my lifestyle.

I won’t alienate you from my community for being different, because conformity will drive us all into the grave; physically and spiritually. Uniqueness is no reason to reject someone, and hopefully, you would accept me for my uniqueness like I’d accept you for yours.

I want for us all to have the confidence to be ourselves, because only then can we work together to make a real change.

Some call me naïve. They say my worldview will never be embraced by the masses; I should accept that it’s a dog-eat-dog world and there’s nothing we can do about it.

They say we should keep our heads down and avoid connecting with others on a personal level because we all have nastiness inside of us, and while I respect that they feel this way and I understand why, I can’t agree.

The desire for unity doesn’t come from naivety or a lack of understanding of the real problems in the world; it’s a natural result of human evolution and the development of compassion. In time, I envision everyone coming together with respect for our differences, but right now it seems like a fool’s dream.

Credit: Brainy Quote

I’m happy to take a stand and say that it isn’t a dream. It’s a reality, and we’re making it happen step by step. We create unity daily by advocating and living it, and the worst thing we can do is let society convince us we’re foolish for trying.

True foolishness is isolating ourselves from each other and allowing an elite class to rule over us as a result, and unity is the remedy for Big Brother’s overbearing reach.

So feel free to live how you want and think what you want about life, and remember that love and kindness cure hatred. Don’t let anyone stop you from living authentically, and let any criticism rooted in a lack of love or understanding roll right off of you.

The world will eventually learn to love, and in the meantime, it’s up to us to illuminate the way.

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